Aymann Ismail: “Why the #MeToo Movement is Especially Distressing for Muslim Women”

The video on the #mosquemetoo movement framed and pointed out the irony of sexual assault in religious contexts. Since Islamophobia is raging in the West, Muslims may be trepidatious about sharing negative experiences related to Islam, or even to point out negative aspects of how Islam is understood and practiced by many today, as these sharings may serve as fuel for Islamophobic feeling and propaganda. In addition, they may receive backlash from within the Muslim community because of this fear, as well as due to certain groups of individuals’ patriarchal standards. The #metoo movement in and of itself has received much criticism on its own, so framing sexual assault with religion is even more controversial. This leads to the question of modesty in relation to sexuality and sexual assault – should it even be brought up? Of course it is men (or female predators) who are solely responsible for the actions of sexual assault, but what does the value of modesty teach about sexuality, and does it perhaps have adverse consequences?

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